Swarm Intelligence (SI) was founded in 2017 as a Delaware-registered, veteran-owned limited liability corporation. SI offers a SaaS Platform that enables affinity communities, public/private, and public/public partnerships (PPP) to harness advanced innovation and collaboration technologies to address the challenges and opportunities encompassing Homeland Security’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors. These are considered vital to the security and well-being of United States: an attack or disruption of these core infrastructures would have a debilitating effect on national security, economic security, public health or safety.

For the past several years SI has applied its platform’s proprietary software, intellectual property, know-how and technology to major PPP organizations in the water, healthcare, government, new space economy, education and transportation sectors. In each instance, SI has also found that colleges and universities have been essential contributors to these affinity ecosystems as they search for the innovations necessary to establish core infrastructure systems capable of sustaining society in and beyond the 21st Century.

This is the problem Swarm Intelligence® has been designed to solve: better enabling public and private organizations to seamlessly work together to use their respective strengths and off-set their respective shortcomings to fulfill their potential to meet the pressing challenges confronting us today. These can only be met by deliberate, pro-active and sustainable public and private sector collaboration and cooperation.

A Profile of Swarm Intelligence LLC

SI creates collaborative innovation ecosystems whose members share a common concern, interest, and passion to bring innovative yet practical solutions to solve core public service needs.

SI’s clients harness the power of our world class open collaboration platform deployed in a cloud-based SaaS environment. Our mission is to enable our clients to successfully augment human intelligence with machine intelligence. Our platform uses trusted and monitored member and content verification and permission-based protocols harnessing advanced yet proven cognitive computing and predictive intelligence. Our unique innovation ecosystems result in an unparalleled foundation for a richer and deeper array of alternative scenario modeling and increased speed of discovery, investigation, evaluation, decision making and execution.

SI’s platform is based on our proven proprietary technology with one common goal; to enable our clients to Learn, Connect, Share, and Execute around their specific area of focus and interest.


Explore the broadest landscape of relevant data and information, harnessing the SI platform and enabled by its affiliate inno360™ to produce rich, real-time, visualized results. Tap into customer needs, industry insights, competitive intelligence, idea jams, innovation challenges, public forums, and innovation exchanges.



Enables teams to discover and associate with peers and subject matter experts in a controlled access environment to asynchronously collaborate on critically important innovation gaps, problems and opportunities. The platform enables users to:

  • Discover best practice options
  • Consider suggestions of members who have similar interests or expertise
  • Search for experts using the member directory or knowledge with Ask Inno360, a unique research tool powered by IBM Watson
  • Join or form communities of interest


Enables teams to organize and access content in context with communities of interest.

  • Pitch projects to communities of interest
  • Aggregate knowledge and experience by topic, project and timeline
  • Provide a central archive of lessons learned
  • Enable role based communication for shared and private conversations


Enables teams to plan, collaborate on the plan, and execute projects on a single platform. Feature rich planning, project management, and peer-to-peer collaboration tools enable users to asynchronously collaborate on projects.

  • Conduct deep research and analysis with AskInno360 functionality
  • Federated searches enable sharing results with others in a variety of formats
  • Create search queries directly from documents
  • Direct IBM Watson connection enables additional sophisticated search functions
  • Project dashboards allow team members to follow the progress of each project

We are also different in two other important ways. First, we understand that success is not found in the technology we deploy. What PPPs engage in is not process and technology transformation, but rather, in change. PPPs are agents of change and therefore our ecosystems are designed to be “change agents”. Second, we understand that one of the major challenges facing PPPs is funding. Rather than treating this challenge as an impediment we have positioned it as an “opportunity”. PPPs in so many ways are fundamentally a community-driven ecosystem aiming to solve a common need or problem; we have therefore defined a funding approach that reflects the dynamics of the broad community that any specific PPP may be addressing. This encompasses elements of:

As set out below, SI partners with inno360, also founded by SI’s two co-founders with several others , to make AI tools available to users of its platform and enhance its overall solution.

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Our Platform

Our Open Collaboration Platform (OCP) is deployed as a SaaS cloud-based innovation public-private community centric platform to leading public and private organizations around the world. SI enables its clients to build, manage and collaborate within their own proprietary innovation ecosystems, while using our OCP. The OCP is driven by four core software “enablers”: Learn, Share, Connect and Execute. Using our Execute functionality we enable PPPs to harness the collective power of internal and member knowledge while building global networks of decision makers, issue stakeholders, innovators, researchers and trusted subject matter experts. These core capabilities are embedded within our proprietary environment of self-community formation and networking coupled with the ability to seamlessly integrate with a client’s own internal software environment and attached ecosystems.

Our experience has also taught us that from a technology architecture perspective an open collaborative innovation platform such as ours requires four fundamental functions to successfully enable PPPs to realize their full potential.

1. Knowledge Management

The ability to collect, organize, access and distribute the “total” understanding, content, workings and resources of multiple stakeholders (employees, providers, vendors, partners and users) to accelerate the adoption of value-driven models by all.

2. Innovation Management

The ability to collaboratively solve innovation gaps (problems and opportunities) of critical importance to stakeholders. The OCP allows these innovation gaps to be (1) appropriately defined and framed, so that innovative yet practical solutions can be (2) identified, vetted, and (3) developed to a successful launch for (4) sustained execution. The ability to conduct innovation Prizes and Challenges is enabled by this module in combination with the Social Networking and Community Module. Although the initial deployments most often are directed to our clients’ known PPP members, this module’s design enables the expansion to non-member innovators and collaborators thereby creating a more robust, dynamic, and comprehensive innovation ecosystem.

3. Social Networking & Community

The ability to harness advanced technologies and know-how in social networking and open collaboration to enable the formation, self-governance and sustainability of an innovation ecosystem, with appropriate subcommunities, and characterized by trust, transparency and value contribution. This module is enabled by the Learn, Connect, and Execute modules.

4. Cogitative Intelligence

This enables the three previous modules to “recognize” a community member and the innovation gap being addressed enable our clients to utilize the full capabilities and potential of our OCP Platform. Cogitative Intelligence organizes and pushes content, knowledge and connections with others to the member when needed and in a manner and context most helpful.

In addition SI, together with inno360 Inc.; (also co-founded by SI’s co-founders) have established an exclusive go-to-market contractual alliance. This alliance takes full advantage of inno360’s partnership with IBM Watson and other industry and domain specific AI providers: SI is responsible for representing and bringing the inno360 innovation management tools, content and partnerships to its customers on its platform.

The Public/Private Partnerships We Enable

VCHI is a nonprofit convener that turns competitors into collaborators that work to design a health care system that results in better health for patients, better satisfaction for providers, and better value for Virginia. VCHI is the major Virginia community of partners engaged in health reform — health care providers, health systems, health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers, employers, consumers, and government – have come together to create a public-private partnership to accelerate the adoption of value-driven models of wellness and health care. This formal partnership is known as the Virginia Center for Health Innovation (VCHI).

Global Water Port amplifies global collaboration through a super-charged, web-based, research and data dashboard. The membership collaboration and innovation ecosystem of The Water Council since 2015, the Port makes available the latest social collaboration tools and access to the most relevant content including patent, academic and industry databases to help the water ecosystem learn, connect and execute the most pressing water innovation needs. Subscriptions to Port are included in Water Council Membership.

Shared Cities is an ecosystem of cities of the Federal City Council seeking to share and collaborate around innovations and experiences making cities more effective and efficient in meeting their obligations to their citizens. Established in 1954, the Federal City Council is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the improvement of the District of Columbia. Since its founding, the Council has a rich history of achievement, having played a critical role in the creation of Metro, the renovation of Union Station, the establishment of the Verizon Center, and the redevelopment of Pennsylvania Avenue. Comprised of the area’s top business, professional, education and civic leaders, the Council works with the District and federal governments to develop and implement solutions to important community problems. By serving as a trusted partner for civic improvement, and by bringing to bear the knowledge, experience, access, and resources of its members, the Council plays a critical role in the advancement of the District of Columbia.

Good2BSocial combines transformative strategies, cutting-edge technologies and deep industry expertise to help lawyers and law firms. It is the leading digital marketing agency for lawyers, law firms and companies in the legal industry. From boutique and regional firms to the AmLaw 100, digital marketing bridges the gap between business law firms and prospective clients. Self-managed channels that share expertise and insights communicate value directly to General Counsels, CFOs and CEOs, and industry influencers. Good2BSocial develops digital marketing strategies for business law firms that integrate with their larger marketing and business development plans to spotlight exceptional practices, subject-matter expertise and cross-functional industry teams without getting overshadowed by the larger firm brand.

The New York Space Alliance was created to bridge the gap between the corporate world, government, and academia. Its aim is to become the premier center of global entrepreneurial space education and creation of space companies. NYSA has been designed to establish an intersection of disciplines to identify solutions to current and future market opportunities and regulatory challenges in commercial space. Located in New York City it serves as a global hub for NewSpace entrepreneurs, investors, and established terrestrial industries within the realms of finance, retail, commerce, media, and shipping

Our Partners

inno360 is a technologically advanced enterprise SaaS platform that enables decision makers to augment human intelligence with machine intelligence within a people trusted, information management and innovation tool set rich ecosystem. Within that ecosystem decision makers are better enabled to work collaboratively to effectively and efficiently to remove mission critical impediments and to identify and launch high impact innovative yet practical solutions to ensure sustained organizational viability and relevance. inno360 also understands that its success is dependent upon forming a partnering relationship with its clients to not only provide its technologically advanced Platform to them but as importantly to position the Platform as a change agent for its clients to address the requisite human behavior and business process changes and challenges in adopting the choices and decisions made.

Industry Leads

Innovation Leaders

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Our Team


Michael J. Turillo, Jr.

Michael is an angel investor focusing his attention and efforts in collaborating with global thought leaders and organizations on the emerging capabilities and impact of Cogitative Computing and Predictive Intelligence on business and social opportunities and problems. Michael is a frequent speaker and consultant in the strategic and tactical areas of innovation management, it’s critical intersection and dependency on behavioral and technological change.

Michael is also Co-Founder and Chairman of inno360 Inc. that has become the industry leading Enterprise Research & Innovation Management SaaS platform provider, dedicated to delivering enhanced innovation processes and the building of global knowledge networks. Michael also serves as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Cybersettle Holdings Inc.

From September 2001 through December 2003, Michael was a Business Unit Executive at the IBM Corporation where he had successive leadership responsibility for – the Northeast Financial Services Consulting, Global Collaborative Commerce within Dynamic Workplaces and senior advisor to IBM Software Group in defining approaches to confirming IBM’s software value creation results.

Michael retired from KPMG LLP in 2001 after a 29-year career. When he retired Michael was one of the Firm’s senior international partners, a Member of the Firm’s International Management Executive Committee serving as the Firm’s Global Chief Knowledge Officer. During his career Michael served as KPMG’s Global Partner-in-Charge Financial Services Consulting Practice; and was the founder and National Partner-in-Charge of the U.S. Firm’s Capital Strategies Group.

Michael was honorably discharged as a Captain in the United States Army having served in the Republic of Vietnam where he was awarded the Bronze Star for his tour of duty from 1970-71. Michael earned his BS from Providence College, MBA from Syracuse University and MS Operations Research from the University of Massachusetts.


Gerard M Mooney

Gerry, retired as Vice President and General Manager, World Wide Government and Education.

At IBM, Gerry has held a series of increasingly responsible positions in venture capital, strategy, technology, operations and sales. He was General Manager, Global Smarter Cities responsible for delivering the set of initiatives that now form the center of IBM’s successful Smarter Planet offerings which play a leading role in the transformation and modernization of governments and cities around the world in core functions like Intelligent Transportation, Public Safety, Advanced Water Management, Smart Grids and Green Buildings, as well as traditional government services. Prior to his role in Smarter Cities he was General Manager, Global Government and Education and, prior to that, Gerry was IBM’s Vice President, Corporate Strategy with worldwide responsibility for IBM’s Emerging Business Opportunities program. He has also started and ran IBM’s Venture Capital organization.

MBA from Yale University, an MS in Accounting from Georgetown University and a BA in Philosophy from Mount Saint Mary’s College. Gerry was honorably discharged as a Lieutenant in the US Coast Guard.

Gerry is an active Advisor/Board Member Early Stage Companies, Board member of inno360 Inc. and Co-founder of Swarm Intelligence. He is also, Board Member Iteris Inc., and Former Board Member Intelligent Transportation Society of America.

Director Special Projects

Dr. Peter Williams

Peter Williams (Peter) has over 30 years’ experience in helping businesses and governments adapt to, and make the most of, new technology. By background a strategy and process consultant with extensive experience in the defense sector, he was formerly the CTO of IBM's "Big Green Innovations" unit, where he played a major role in the development of IBM's "smarter planet" businesses in the areas of environmental management, water management, smart cities and disaster resilience: these focused on the applications of big data, IOT, AI, blockchain and digital twinning to public infrastructure and public services. He was also the lead author the UN City Disaster Resilience Scorecard, now used by over 200 cities globally, and recently led, pro bono, the creation of a further UN Scorecard for the resilience of industrial and commercial real estate.

Peter was accorded the honor of being named an IBM Distinguished Engineer in 2009, and he also lectured at Stanford University for several years on Smart Cities and Communities. Having retired from IBM in 2018, today he is an independent consultant working on the application of information and data technologies to water, smart cities and disaster resilience with governments, vendors and NGOs. He is also a regular judge on VC competitions, and he advises several start-ups. A native of the UK, he has lived in the US since 1999, and is married with three adult children. His PhD was awarded from the University of Bath, England.

Director of Public Private Partner Relations

Stephen Lallo

Stephen has up until recently spent the past 21 years in the public sector building public private partnerships. He worked most of his public service carrer at the Narragansett Bay Commission, (NBC) in Providence, RI. The NBC is a quasi-public agency that is tasked with running the 11th largest wastewater system in the country.

During his time at NBC Stephen developed the first in the US storm water master plan in collaboration with the district’s large institutional users to initiate innovative planning, design and construction of low impact development projects that removed extraneous flow from the public sewer system. The projects of this master plan resulted in a onetime $36 million-dollar savings to the ratepayers with additional operating savings more than a quarter of a million annually.

Stephen has been for the past three years Senior Client Relationship Manager for Inno360/Swarm Intelligence and has managed all senior client issues as well as sales and day to day administrative operations. He holds a BS degree from Providence College, in Business Administration, and a MPA from Suffolk University.

Director of Advanced Technologies

Scott A Crutcher

Scott is a passionate, execution-oriented serial entrepreneur and investor. He contributes technology expertise and business acumen to early stage startups and mid-stage growth companies, leveraging his deep experience in a variety of SaaS, consumer web and e-commerce technologies and development languages. He serves companies in a variety of roles– acting CTO, general business advisor, design and strategic visionary, and director of development and launch of new products.

Prior to making St. Louis his home, Scott was the Owner/Creative Director of a full service interactive marketing, design, and technology services agency in Venice, CA. During this time, he directed an exceptional teams of designers and developers on projects for a diverse client base that includes Coca-Cola, Nautilus, El Pollo Loco, Pfizer, Hyundai, the Emmy’s, the Hallmark Channel, AEG, and the Conga Room.

He has won various industry awards, his work has been featured in numerous publications, and he holds a technology patent for his collaborative work with NudgeRx, a Seattle, WA based healthcare technology company he helped found in 2009. Mr. Crutcher holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Kansas State University.


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